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We are a transnational marketing agency with offices in Vietnam and Japan.


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Our Values

Our mission is to bring under-discovered amazing products and services to the world. This mission requires us to put the client’s sales first, to deeply understand both our client and audience’s needs, and to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape of our time.


We value the process of discovering the best marketing solution for our client because each business is different.


We have a deep understanding of customer’s insight across different cultures.


We have the ability to create a significant volume of quality content to retain followers’ attention.


We measure our success by the client’s increase in revenue.

Our Services



We have years of experience in advertising Facebook and Google with identifying business’s target customers, creating content, evaluating advertising effectiveness.



With your guide and choice of color, our design team can create many creative images of your brand and campaign. We also design flyers, banners, posters.



We build a great website with search engine optimized (SEO) tools that help you meet your business objectives and support your digital marketing campaigns.



Website’s content is very important because it’s the foundation of SEO and the attractive thing that leads customers to visit your site. We’ll write it with precision.

Featured Clients

Glow with Chip - Cosmetic Resale

Graphic Design, Online Advertisement

This is a local cosmetics distributor for Biologique Recherche, Comfort Zone, Skin Clinic, Helio Care, Neoretin, SkinMedica, LivingNature. We create the logo, brand orientation, design material prints, and set up a sales management system (including inventory, handling, and shipping management) for them.

Magic Bay - Children Waterpark

Web Design, SNS management, Advertisement

Magic Bay is a mini children's water park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which was established in 2018. Magic Bay was supported by Tabimp to promote its brand from January 2020. We do everything from creating content, design images, edit videos, compose the theme song, and take over customer service. Besides that, with the vision to keep the Magic Bay brand constantly expanding, Tabimp has built a website that has many unique characteristics and highlights it. With the desire to promote brand widely and improve the quality of entertainment for children, Tabimp has planned to advertise, build images, and bring results beyond expectations.

Ben Solar - Solar Energy Solution

Full Stack Design, Branding, Website Design

When the idea is just beginning to come up, Tabimp will be a partner to help you turn that idea into reality. Ben Solar is one of the typical examples. We do everything when Ben Solar has nothing, creating logos, branding colors, and building websites with the desire to bring their brand to great future development. Ben Solar is a startup company on solar power with the heart of bringing clean and efficient energy to everyone. That is why Ben Solar's website is dominated by orange, yellow, and green, which is characterized by strength, creativity, prestige, and stability. With the strong point of always putting ourselves in the position of customers, we understand what Ben Solar needs to bring the best services, build the right brand image with the concept of Ben Solar. We always consult Ben Solar to carefully select the content and images so that the product always reaches the highest finishing quality.

Le Ngoc Theatre

Full Stack Design & Advertising

This is a performing art company in Hanoi. We make a website, material designs (brochure, photobook, large banner, billboard, standee, backdrop, tickets), videography, and video editing. We carry out media (PR) on paper news and online newspapers. All our products are made in multiple languages. We have joined this company on tour and participated in festivals in many countries around the world, including France, Italy, Monaco, China, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Bhutan and Bangladesh.


Full Stack Development

Tabihotel was created exclusively for a group of Tabi-Musha customers. The theory is similar to other hotel booking channels, but the purpose of creating this website is to understand the information of customers in order to be ready to assist when guests have a request or complaint about the accommodation. The website was built with the characteristics of Hoi An to bring a sense of closeness to customers. The website has helped millions of Japanese students come to Vietnam to have safe and reliable accommodation. Within 4 years of building the web, Tabihotel has brought in more than 17 times the return on investment.

GreenStar MLB - English School

Full Stack Design & Advertisement

Greenstar is a 4 years old English school in Hoi An, Viet Nam. When Greenstar entered the market, there were 4 other competitors in a fiercely competitive market. However, with Tabi Marketing Partner’s help, Greenstar averages 60% gains in the number of students each year, reaching almost half a thousand students by year. Greenstar’s success comes from Tabi Marketing Partner’s understanding of which one is the most effective marketing medium and the potential customers’ psychology. Most people become customers of Greenstar when they see the videos of children speaking English in Greenstar, which makes them believe in the promised real quality and result.



Kazuya Yamaguchi

"Let's begin!"

★ Graduated from Waseda University with an MBA (TOP10% Distinguished Student)
★ 2000 - 2012 joined Mallinckrodt Japan K.K. (now Medtronic Japan Ltd.), a pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturer. 2012 MVP award in Japan.
★ Head of the “Mushashugyo” business training program since 2013. It is currently the No. 1 overseas business internship program for University students in Japan.*

*The No.1 internship participants from Japanese university students in emerging markets overseas (as of April 2018-March 2019, according to TBMS research)"

General Partner

Khanh Nguyen

"Do something different."

★ Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles
★ Country Head of Tabi Musha Vietnam since 2015
★ Head of Marketing of XLE Group (Saigon Heat professional basketball team, Vietnam VUG student sports tournament, VBA professional basketball tournament)
★ Samsung Electronics Marketing Department (2011-2014)
Creative Director

Tuan Bui

"Every brand and company deserves a great branding strategy."

★ Graduated from Carleton University (Canada)
★ Senior Consultant | IT Risk & Assurance Services | E&Y
★ Founder, CEO at Tadispa LLC.
★ Independent Business Development Consultant for 22 brands and companies
★ Pro Bono Consulting

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