Hoi An, Vietnam

With Tabi Marketing Partner’s help, Greenstar averages 60% gains in the number of students each year.


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Greenstar is a 4 years old English school in Hoi An, Viet Nam. When Greenstar entered the market, there were 4 other competitors in a fiercely competitive market. However, with Tabi Marketing Partner’s help, Greenstar averages 60% gains in the number of students each year, reaching almost half a thousand students by year. 

Greenstar’s success comes from Tabi Marketing Partner’s understanding of which one is the most effective marketing medium and the potential customers’ psychology. Most people become customers of Greenstar when they see the videos of children speaking English in Greenstar, which makes them believe in the promised real quality and result.

  • Logo design, brand image building, image design
  • Create content, record and edit videos weekly
  • Write content and post on social networks, respond to customer messages
  • Website management and construction, administration of other information transmission sites
  • Distribute leaflets, hang banners and posters during important marketing campaigns
  • Make a detailed plan of running ads for important times of the year (Depending on the importance, the appropriate form of advertising will be applied such as Facebook, Google, Zalo or use basic advertising such as leaflets, banners,…)
  • Statistics the results and assesses the situation of customers then make a reasonable marketing strategy and contributes new development direction.



Hoi An, Vietnam

In a fiercely competitive market of Hoi An, Viet Nam with more than a few hundred competitors, Natura Spa needs to find a way to stand out and gain customers. Understanding that international travelers use google to find the best spa in their destination, …

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